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Lady A’s Hillary Scott plays Fishing for Answers at Billboard‘s Country Live event.

Hillary Scott:

Hi, I’m Hillary Scott, and I’m going Fishing for Answers with Billboard.

“Most embarrassing onstage moment?” We were playing a rodeo in Texas, it was in San Antonio, Lady A show and those have rotating stages. And at one point, Charles [Kelley] hits my arm. I think it was during “Need You Now,” maybe? And the mic hits my teeth, and my lip … and my lip starts bleeding. And so he said that I looked like someone who was in a boxing ring, like, the rest of the song because I had, like, blood on my teeth. And I’m pretty sure it was up on the big screens. So that was kind of embarrassing.

Let’s see the next one: “Recording or touring?” That’s a great question. I would have to say right now, it kind of changes depending on what season I’m in, I guess, but touring would have to be my favorite thing right now. The Request Line Tour that we’re doing is so up close and personal with the fans. It is giving me all the feels, so touring.

“What is your favorite album or country album of the year so far?” This is really hard. But just recently, I started listening to Jordyn Shellhart’s Primrose, and I cannot quit it. I was driving around town yesterday and just had it on repeat. Her voice is incredible. If you’ve not listened, you should. Love her.

“What is the most country thing you’ve ever done?” The most country thing I’ve ever done was on a family trip to visit my aunt and uncle and my cousins in South Carolina. I threw hay bales for a week. I got paid, but that’s probably the country-est thing I’ve ever done.

Oh, these are hard questions. OK, “the best concert you’ve ever attended?” The first thing that jumped out to me was the I Am Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé tour. I have the best memory of being in Dallas, Texas, at American Airlines Center with Miranda Lambert. She took us to that show and it was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Beyoncé!