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Carly Pearce reveals five things you didn’t know about her at the Billboard Country Live event.

Carly Pearce:
Hi, I’m Carly Pearce, and these are five things you may not know about me.

I live on a bus with four grown men — and I’m grosser than all of them.

If I wasn’t in commercial country music, I would have a full sleeve tattoo, but I think I have as many as I can. I’m obsessed.

I hate when people are late. And I’m always either 10 minutes ahead or right on time, so don’t ever be late if you’re coming.

I am so clean that my house, if you ever come over to my house, people say that it looks like a model home, so you can drop in anytime you want.

And no one who knows me wants to get in a car with me. I’m a little bit reckless, but if you’re a police officer, I drive perfectly fine at the speed limit.

And those are five things you didn’t know about me.

At the Billboard Country Live event held June 7 at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, the Grammy winner participated in the Women of Country panel, which also included Hillary Scott of Lady A, Madeline Edwards and Lily Rose. The discussion was moderated by Beverly Keel, the dean of Middle Tennessee State University’s College of Media and Entertainment. Watch Pearce and her fellow panelists discuss dream collaborations, what the country music environment is like for women today, how male artists get more play on country radio stations, and more. You can watch the entire discussion here.